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Christmas Ball Ornament – Magic Bauble

  • Model Number: Magic-Ball018
  • Material: Plastic, Paper and Etc
  • Technique: Handmade
  • Color: Various colors available
  • Design: Various designs available
  • Size: 75 mm /As per customer’s request
  • MOQ: 1500/pcs
  • Package: OPP/ PVC Box/ Window Box

Suggested Sizes

Funny X’Mas Poems


Once upon a time,
I made a wish while holding a dime,
“I wish Santa come here on Christmas
Put something special on my socks”.

So every night,
I watch out for Santa,
Waiting for a huge guy with huge belly to show up.

Then one night, my wish came true.
I saw someone huge near on my socks,
Putting something there,
I was shocked it was my DAD!

Is Christmas Fun?

How Christmas is a time for fun,
When all you save for the year are gone
Buying gifts and be stuck in the shopping craze
Long lines in the cashier lane never fail me to be amazed.

For many people, Christmas is their favorite
Getting the things they wish for as Christmas gift,
But for me, it’s not just because of that.
Christmas is time for sharing the love, and you have to remember that.

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